Happy Name Day to me!

Tina just called me to wish me Happy Name Day!  April 24th is the name day for St. Elisabeth, which is the closest we can come – evidently there are no Orthodox saints named Laura!

Name Days aren’t celebrated during the Holy Week before Pascha so Tina says that we will celebrate next week.  It’s fun being Greek – you get a name day and a birthday!

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3 Responses to Happy Name Day to me!

  1. happy name day to you! that’s fun!

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    may God grant you many years!

  3. Aunt Zona says:

    You name the date, I’ll be at the Japanese Garden in Portland with you!By the way, your middle name is officially after me, so is this my name day too? I’m pretty darn sure there is no Saint Zona day, nor will there likely be!

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