Thank you for voting!!

Back in November, I asked you to vote for Baltimore in an HGTV competition.  Well, we won!!!    (Portland didn’t win though Katie, sorry!)  So, starting this weekend and continuing through next week, HGTV and Rebuilding Together Baltimore will be doing a bunch of cool stuff to help out Pen Lucy, which our church’s neighborhood and my former neighborhood too.  Thanks for voting!!!

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3 Responses to Thank you for voting!!

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    woo hoo!i only voted once…sorry. I’m glad my lack of participation didn’t affect the win.

  2. nanacilla says:

    That’s pretty neat, Laura.  Send on any updates you see in the news.

  3. jjandlj says:

    That makes me proud, I was a faithful (almost) daily voter!  CongratsJ-

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