When you go to bed at midnight two nights in a row…

Then get up at 6:15, then walk for miles and miles, your body will eventually start to complain! (Believe me, I can guarantee it!)

So far, I have been successful in my mission to completely tire myself out and have a great time doing it.  So here’s a few more pictures from my trip so far:

The Hairspray Theater (note the rather large can of hairspray!)

My lunch from today – a very yummy gyro/chicken with rice concoction, along with a free sample of haggis.  I never tried haggis when I was in Scotland so I figured I should take advantage of the offer.  It’s Scotland Week in NYC for some reason.  It was pretty gross.  So I would advise you pass up any free offers of haggis that you may come across.

Then I went on an hour’s walk through the Garment District.  And yes, I did get sucked into buying 4 yards of linen fabric that I don’t really have any use for.  But it was only $2 per yard and it’s linen.  So anyone want some?  I also went into some incredible ribbon and trimming stores.

Here are the fabrics that I’ve bought so far.  The white on the left is for our bedroom. Don’t ask me what the linen is for – I don’t know, OK? 🙂

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1 Response to When you go to bed at midnight two nights in a row…

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    That linen will make a beautiful summer dress for a little girl in a few years.

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