Off to New York

Tomorrow morning, I’m taking the train to New York City for a 2-day convention of ESOL teachers.  I am really excited about it!  The county is paying for a few of us to go.  We are staying in the Hilton New York, just a very few blocks from Central Park and very close to Times Square too.  So I’m going to go see a show tomorrow night and also hang out at the Met for a few hours.  On Saturday, I’m hoping to go to the garment district and check out the block of stores that only sell buttons!

And in between, hopefully I’ll learn more about being a better ESOL teacher!

I’m going to take the laptop with me so hopefully, I’ll have time post a few pictures from my trip.  Wish me luck, braving this huge city!

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3 Responses to Off to New York

  1. That’s so fun! And taking the train, too … very romantic of you. It must be nice to live in an area where so many cool places are within driving distance. Have fun! take pictures if you can.

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    I’m excited with you! Eric took the picture standing on the chair-he wanted to help me eliminate double chin and spare tire as much as possible. I cut my hair a while ago. I was very sad. It was when I couldn’t find the camera. I was really disappointed.  Now we just have to wait for time to heal, rather grow it. 

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