Thanks giving

A few weeks ago, I did a letter writing unit with my writing class.  We did friendly and business letters and then finished up with thank you notes.  I let them choose whoever they wanted to write a letter to.  I ended up getting a couple of letters.  This is what they said:

Dear Mrs. B,
        Thank you for teaches me all the writing stuff.  And give us so many fun in the class.  And sometime you will read a fun story call “Pippi Longstacking” for us.  I wish you can teache me more writing thing. 
Your student,

(I read them Pippi Longstocking every once in awhile.  Usually, I do it on the day before a holiday when they would never be calm enough to actually do any work anyway.  I get requests for Pippi Longstocking at least once or twice a week!  I do have a hard time interpreting his last sentence – am I not teaching him enough?  Or does he just want to learn more? )

Dear Mrs. B,
     Thank you Mrs B for teaching me ESOL writing.  For teaching parts of speech, how to write letter and many other great things.  First, I didn’t knew how to write letters but now you thought me how to write and I write letters to my family.  It was so nice of you to be an ESOL teacher.  Once again, thank you.

This letters help me go to school every day and be glad to teach those kids!  Even the difficult ones!  And, thankfully, I have very few difficult kids this year!

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  1. brodybond says:

    That’s so great.brody

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