I’m neurologically sound

That’s what the neurologist said.  My apologies to my far-off friends who read this blog for whom I forgot to post my results.  The appointment was so anti-climatic (it took about a minute and a half) that I just called Mom and Dad and then forgot to put anything.  So yes, I’m fine.  The doctor basically said that there’s nothing wrong with me, that I just faint sometimes, and that I should just lay down if I think I’m going to faint.  I was more than a little frustrated that I had to go to all the trouble of getting a referral, getting coverage for two classes, and driving to the appointment just for him to tell me that I was fine.  Couldn’t that have been said in a letter?  But anyway, my brain is fine (no Todd, do not insert blond jokes here!) and I’m fine.  Thanks for your prayers.  Hopefully, this saga is over!

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