How Mom spends her days, Take Two

Last year, I posted a list of what Mom did with her time (in the opinion of my students).  Well, this year, we’ve arrived at the end of that unit again.  So here’s this year’s batch of ideas.

They were instructed to write about the daily activities of Mrs. B’s mother:

1.  does a lot of cooking for various people – especially her grandchildren and Mrs. B. (If Mom did all the cooking these kids claim she does, she’d probably never leave the kitchen).
2.  goes to the store every day because she needs more chocolate.
3.  plays tennis with me in the park and then we drive to Alaska (every day?!?!)
4.  wakes Nik and I up at 6:30 am
5. teaches at my school with me
6. plays computer for 5 hours
7.  eats grass/40 burgers/pizza for breakfast
8.  drives her wagon to her job
9.  comes to my house to play Wii.  We play for a long time.  “Mrs. Priscilla always beats Mrs. B!”
10.  goes to her beautiful garden and waters her plants
11. goes shopping in her Ferrari
12. runs 10 miles before breakfast
13. tries to rob a bank (That would be one way to make money, Mom.  Forget about being a doula!)
14. runs all the way to India to buy souvenirs
15. goes to her son’s house to take care of her grandchildren

In conclusion, from L.’s concluding sentence of her paragraph,
“What a nice woman!  That’s what she does every day!”

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1 Response to How Mom spends her days, Take Two

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    All of them are very close to the mark, but the last one nailed it.

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