A Flickr boycott!

Nik exceeded our free Flikr account balance so rather than pay the absolutely astronomical sum of $24.99/year to upgrade to a pro account, we are officially changing to Google’s Picasa Web Albums.  It’s free with lots of memory.  It also has some very cool features.  Google rules the world, baby!! 

So here’s the new Alaska Christmas 2007 page.  There aren’t any new pictures but Nik has spent the past few minutes geographically tagging all of the pictures!  So if you’re wondering where that ’07 snowman picture was taken, now’s your chance to find out!  (It was at the Service Adventure house in case anyone is wondering.)

Also, now that we have lots of memory available to us, we’re going to post the wedding pictures soon.  So, there, I’ve said it and now we’re committed to it.  I promise they’re coming soon, Aunt Zona!  (At least you can watch the wedding video now and see more of them!) (Let’s note however, that “soon” is a very vague term – readily redefined at any moment.  So don’t hold your breath.)

I’m also staying up until 2:00 am tonight because I have to get my EEG done tomorrow.  So, I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to stay awake that long but I guess my residual jet lag will help me out.   I’ll let you know about the test results tomorrow.  The test isn’t until 1:45 pm.

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