That’s what time we got to the New Year’s party at Ryan and Heather’s!  Just in time to say hi to everyone and then yell,
“Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!”  (and the same to you too!)

This was my first New Year’s on the East Coast (in my whole life) and it would have been my first time to see the ball drop live, rather than 4 hours delayed.  Unfortunately, Ryan was late in handing out the champagne and so someone paused the TV (they have Tivo) and we watched it a minute late!  Better than 4 hours late, I guess!

Today, Nik and I went to Linens-n-Things and got a coffee maker and an iron – for $8.99, after we send in our $50.00 in rebate coupons.  Not a bad deal.  Thanks for the idea Meggan!  No, we’re not going over to the coffee dark side, we’re just preparing for visitors!

From a Christmas card from one of my 7th graders (E. from El Salvador):
“Thank Mrs. B for teaching us and Thanks for be good with us and happy mery chrismast. Happy new year. Be good with Mr. B.  We all ways going to be your friend.”

After he gave me the card, he said that he had wanted to make Nik a card too but didn’t have time.  So I told him that he could write on the back of mine if he wanted too.  With a big grin, this is what he wrote:
“Hi Mr. B.  This is one student of Mrs. B.  I just want to tell you to have a nice mery christmast and a new year.  Happy mery chrismast. Be nice to Mrs. B.”

May we all be nice to and with each other this year!  Happy New Year!

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  1. jjandlj says:

    Yes Laura, please be nice to Mr. B…that is so funny!  May we all be nice to and with each other!  Glad you had a good Christmas…we missed being with you guys.  Only 5 months to go or so til we’re all together! -LJ

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