I scared Nik

This morning, I was towel drying my hair to get some extra water out of it after my shower and managed to move my neck wrong.  It hurt really badly, surprising so.  I continued with my routine, putting gel on my hair, and trying to ignore the fact that my body was reacting to that pain.  After about a minute, it was clear to me that I was on my way to fainting so I laid down on the bathroom floor (noticing that it needed to be cleaned) and must have fainted a little bit.  I woke up enough to sit up and call Nik.  He made it into the bathroom just in time to see me faint again, fall over, hit my head on the scale.  I don’t remember any of this but he says that I immediately started snoring but my eyes were open and I did not respond to his calls.  So he called 911 and they sent paramedics with an ambulance.  They came quickly, helped me into the dining room, checked my vitals (which were fine) and told me that I should probably just go see my doctor.  Needless to say, neither of us went to school and we went to see the doctor around 11:30.  The doctor is fairly sure that I had a vasovagal syncope episode but she referred me to a neurologist for assessment of possible seizures.  Also, she did an EKG and my heart rhythms were fine.  The same thing happened to me in July.  I just read that this kind of thing sometimes first happens to a person when they are a teenager and then can happen in clusters after that.  It happened to me about 4 years ago too – same thing, pain and then fainting.  Very strange.  So I guess I got a free day off from school out of it but I think Nik would have just preferred me to take the day off!  I’m feeling better although still quite weak.  So I think I’m going to sit on the couch, watch Sleepless in Seattle, (which is filmed in Baltimore!) and rest.

Edit to add at 7:24 pm:  Since I wrote this, I have discovered two very tender and sore spots on my head – one on my forehead and one on the back of my head.  So clearly I fainted twice and hit my head twice.  Crazy!  I am definitely feeling better tonight although my legs especially still feel tired.  So I’m going to bed early in the hopes of being ready to teach my kids tomorrow. 

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2 Responses to I scared Nik

  1. DrewPoo84 says:

    wow laura, that doesn’t sound good at all! i will definitely be keeping you in my prayers! hope you get to feeling better soon. 

  2. nanacilla says:

    Fainting is such a yucky experience.  Sorry that this happened, honey.  And scary for Nik, I guess!  Keep me up on what you find out, okay?

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