HGTV is starting a new program where they’re going to choose one city to do a lot of work in.  Baltimore, and more specifically Pen Lucy (the neighborhood of my church and where I lived last year) is one of the possible places.  Please go here to vote for us!  I also go to church with the homeowner of the house they would be rehabbing.

You can vote once a day and it’s really easy to vote.  You don’t have to register or anything.

Go here to vote – make sure to vote for Baltimore, MD!

And go here if you want to read more about the projects that they would be doing in Baltimore.

Thanks for voting!  Don’t forget to vote every day!

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1 Response to Vote!

  1. I voted for you! except then I looked and saw Portland on there. so I think I’ll vote for us tomorrow. I hope one of those two wins … it’s so cool when you’re really invested in aplace, I’m sure you’d love to see them work on Pen Lucy. I think the part they’re talking about in Portland is nicknamed “felony flatts.” It’s pretty dodgy.

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