Our last few weeks, in pictures

Announcing… OUR new arrival!  Please welcome Dillingham the 2nd!

The first turkey ever roasted in this house (at least by us).  We roasted all 22 pounds of it last Sunday for a church potluck that we hosted at our house.  A bunch of male college freshmen showed up so it was a good thing we had 22 pounds!  (This was also my first chance to use my huge platter!)

My birthday present from my friend Katie:


The last fruits of our garden:

(Yes, those are habanero peppers, and yes, Nik has used them in hamburgers and salsa!  Spicy!)

And the last of my flowers – This vinca lasted over five months and would have kept on blooming except for the frost that started its slow demise this week.  I’m going to miss walking by it every day on my way into our house!

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2 Responses to Our last few weeks, in pictures

  1. nanacilla says:

    That was fun!  Thanks for the show and tell.  Welcome, Dillingham!

  2. judgie86 says:

    aww you got your fish, i’m bummed i couldn’t be there with you!!! if only they would have had them when we went….love you!!

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