I get all my best jokes and puzzles from Car Talk

The answer to this puzzle is a word.

Take away the first letter of the word and you get a homophone of the first word.
Add the first letter back and take away the second letter.
You’ll get another homophone of the first and second words.

What’s the word?

(First person to answer correctly will get a really fabulous prize – me talking on their home answering machine.)

EDIT:  Nik is not allowed to answer this one because I told him the answer already!!

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3 Responses to Challenge

  1. jjandlj says:

    Well…..of course we figured this one out right away, but we wanted to save you the money of calling us and leaving us a message on our answering machine here in Lebanon! So we will let someone else get the wonderful prize. We got your invitation to your wedding. Thanks for the mail!! Our team leader was jealous that we have gotten 2 letters since we got here!Lots of Love!

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    i got to be out alone all morning, thanks to your dad, and i was CRACKING UP alone in the car today listening to car talk and wait wait don’t tell me. paula poundstone is HILARIOUS! people in line at the dump and in the parking lot of carrs had to be thinking i was strange.

  3. Snowbrat05 says:

    Aaarrgg! ok… i know it’s probably something simple, but i can’t figure it out & now my brain hurts LOL.

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