(A bit of background to this short story:  Today, I mailed our wedding invitations, over 130 of them.)

So as we were leaving his house to go out for dinner tonight, I said something to the effect of,

“It made me more than a little bit nervous to put those invitations in the mail box.  I mean – it’s so final.  Before I mailed them, we could change our mind but now we can’t.”


Didn’t exactly come out as I’d intended.

What I meant was, “change our mind” about how many people we should be inviting or I don’t know really know what else.  Just change our mind in general about details concerning the wedding.

What it could easily have been interpreted to mean:
“change our mind” about whether or not to get married.  Oops.  I don’t want to change my mind about that.

Luckily, Nik has a sense of humor.

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2 Responses to Miscommunication

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    i knew EXACTLY what you meant, but the double meaning is hilarious! i’m excited to see them!

  2. It makes me think of when Chris and I signed up for a two-year phone plan with Sprint eight months before we got married. I freaked out. I mean, it’s a binding contract!I think I was actually more nervous about that than actually getting married. I’m glad Nik can understand what you meant.

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