I am alive

I am alive and, unfortunately, our Internet is still broken (I’m at the local library) but I have two good pieces of news to report:

1.  I only have three hours and 45 more minutes of school before 10 days of Spring Break. Hip Hip Hooray!!  On the agenda:  LOTS of wedding planning, visiting Lisa in NY for two and a half days, my trial run for the wedding hair, and hopefully a little bit of rest and relaxation too.

2.  I have a new ring!  Nik and I found it Saturday before last.  It’s beautiful and I promise that pictures will be coming soon.  Dan Gerding took them for us already but it’s hard to be demanding about deadlines when the photographer works for free.    So I’ll post them here when I get them.

And now I’m out of time at the library.  I love you all!

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1 Response to I am alive

  1. I am glad that you have a new ring. P.S. should we talk soon maybe about how the wedding is going? Do you want me to just pretty much do the same responsibilities as you did at mine, or do you want me to work on some stuff before? I was just thinking then we could be on the same page with expectations and responsibilities and such.:) Katie

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