Dad – we need results ASAP, OK?

The Stash Bash was tonight!  We had a great time and Nik was a winner!!  I’ll let him tell you all about it on his blog.  In the meantime, here are some requests for Dad.  On their last test, my writing students (the same class as who wrote about Mom) had to write a business letter to Dad.  Their instructions were to “Ask Mr. Judge for something.

Here’s what they want.  Make it happen quickly, OK Dad?

Language! Books C&E (These would be books for the new reading program that we had to teach this year.  Why she would want them, I don’t know.  But anyway, you can still send them along.)

US English Idioms books

money to buy dictionaries

$1 million to buy a Lamborghini Garra

$1000 for books to learn English

$1000 for a Christmas party

$775 for a PS3 (this was requested by two different boys)

$1000 for a party

An AK state flag or an AK shot glass (for her to show her
grandmother in Bulgaria)

$2000 to buy video games, food, and books

“$200 to buy your daughter a present for her wedding – a nice
pretty present! We are going to her wedding and when you come you will see the
present that we buy your daughter.”  (I’m an especially big fan of this last one.  And notice how the writer assumes that she and her classmates are going to my wedding?)

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