Nik likes to write in lists.  Sometimes, so do I.  So here’s one for you.

1.  Accomplished on my 2 1/2 snow days and President’s Day:
a.  all my grading
b.  filed my taxes – I’m getting an unexpected refund!
c. paid my bills
d.  got rid of an amazing amount of paper – old files, etc.  I actually eliminated a box from my room!
e.  watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (for the first time since I started dating Nik) – I understand it!
f.  good conversations with family and friends
g.  cancelled three credit cards – I have about $10,000 less in credit line now but I think I’ll survive.
h.  registered with Nik at Sears and Crate and Barrel.  I managed to talk him out of registering for a many thousands of dollars flat screen TV.    (But if you want to buy it for us, I guess Nik would want me to tell you that we won’t turn it down.  But if you’re going to do that, please buy me my sewing machine too!)  We still have a few main categories to finish registering for but we’re getting close.
i.  welcomed back Dan Gerding from Ethiopia – he has many amazing stories to tell and pictures to share.
j.  a road trip to Pennsylvania with two of my friends.  We managed to get quasi-lost (not our fault!) on our way to pick up Julie’s sister at Messiah College but we had fun doing it!

2.  Valentine’s Day with Nik was nice – we went to Thai Landing for dinner.  Valentine’s Day certainly feels different with a fiance!

3.  After this week, we have five full weeks of school with no vacation days. TOUGH!

4.  Registering is a dangerous business – the act of choosing so much stuff actually makes you want to own that stuff.  Not that we really need it all or anything.  The other night Nik listened to a sermon entitled something like, “God wants to save Christians from material things.”  Makes us want to go and un-register for everything.

5.  Aria Dresses called yesterday.  They received the bridesmaids’ dresses order and it’s going to ship on May 24th.

And that’s all the random news I have for now! 🙂
Love to you all.

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4 Responses to Stuff

  1. very good list! you sounded very productive. I’m glad you had a nice Valentines day. They’re much nicer when you’re not single!

  2. judgie86 says:

    i love lists. . .I think Meg gets the credit for getting my addicted to them 🙂 I had no idea Dan Gerding went to Ethiopia!! Makes me jealous, but thats a whole other story!! Anyway, yay for getting SO much stuff done and that you have 5 weeks of of school starting tomorrow!!! Love you sug –

  3. judgie86 says:

    i love when i have a bajillion spelling mistakes. . .oh well, i’ll just embrace them 🙂

  4. jjandlj says:

    Hey Laura! We’re only walking for 3 full days for the Lifeline Expedition…9 miles the first day, 16 the second, and 11 the third, I believe. We’ll start with the beginning of the expedition in Hull on March 1st. It’s exciting! Have you heard about it much in the States?

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