It’s back!

Nik and I picked up my engagement ring today at Smyth Jewelers, “Where Baltimore Gets Engaged”!  It’s beautiful and I feel much safer wearing it now – the prongs are nice and strong around the diamond.  It took about a month to fix it so it’s nice to finally have it on my hand again.  And now I won’t have to deflect the “Is everything OK?” comments anymore!

I suppose a month isn’t too long to fix a ring that was 100 years old!  I think Great Grandma Laura would be really happy to know that I have her ring as my engagement ring!

(This is the ring pre-fixing.)

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4 Responses to It’s back!

  1. cjudge82 says:

    Not bad…not bad at all!

  2. WOW. I’m kind of jealous, actually. I think eventally I want to get my diamond reset in something like yours. Did you miss it during that time?

  3. jjandlj says:

    That’s beautiful!

  4. chunkychen says:

    use the macro focus on your camera to get a better pic of that lovely ring, laura! It’s the one that is shaped like a flower. You might consider zooming in and turning on the flash too 🙂

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