My new shoes

Dad gave me a beautiful sweater from REI for Christmas but it wasn’t really the right color.  So today we returned it and although I searched, I was unable to find another clothing item to replace it.  So instead, I got these new trail running/hiking shoes (Dad was nice enough to subsidize half the purchase).  June will bring some fun adventures so I figured I needed some shoes to wear on those adventures!  (And by the way, should you ever need any shoe purchasing advice, the amount of knowledge in Rachel’s head is phenomenal.  So just ask her!!)

They are Montrail Hardrocks.- in 9 1/2!! I have never worn bigger than an 8 /12 shoe but for some reason I had to go up a full size.  Rachel was very kind to bring me out three pairs of shoes before I finally found a pair that fit.

(And I was going to put a picture of them but Xanga isn’t letting me link to the picture.  So click on the Montrail link to see them.)

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