Because a picture is worth a thousand words

(and I’m too tired to write coherently), here’s a few more fun pictures!

At the impromptu engagement party at Nik’s house after he proposed:

Kristen’s husband, Tim (the wonderful photographer at the party), titled this picture “Post-engagement bliss”!  (Yes, Zona, that orange wall is in Nik’s living room!)

Sunday night, Nik’s good friend (and fabulous photographer), Dan Gerding, went with us to Sherwood Gardens for a little photo shoot.  Here are some of the results:

I think in this one, we were telling fun stories about all the great reactions we got in church Sunday morning!

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One Response to Because a picture is worth a thousand words

  1. judgie86 says:

    Laura, you are stunning. I can’t really look at your pictures without being in awe of the radient look on your face shining through from your heart. Long story made short (that I will tell you soon ) . . .your faithfulness in Jesus, through the hardest and emptiest times, has brought you to this point. You are engaged to a wonderful man and joy, thankfulness, and peace is written all over your face. How could I ask for more then that for my sister? And what better of a big sister to look up too then you?? I’ll go ahead and answer that. . .none. I love you SO much and am so, so happy for you! I admit, I am still trying to let it sink in that you are a bride-to-be, but i don’t think it has hit rock bottem. However, i am sure when you come up and i see that ring on your finger and hear the whole story, it will sink 🙂 Anyway, my break is LONG over so I better go, talk to you soon!

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