To all my of devoted readers (OK maybe 6) out there, my apologies for the Very Boring Blog as of late.  I’ve been tired and not motivated at all the past couple weeks.  Chalk it up to unpacking my room and getting myself out of the very deep grading/school hole that I dug in the last two weeks of October.

Regardless, at some point, I’m sure I’ll have something interesting to say.

In the meantime, for my Alaska family, I just bought my Christmas plane ticket.  I was hoping to fly in on the 22nd but tickets were SUPER expensive (850) for that day.  So instead, I just bought a merely expensive (705) ticket to fly in late night on the 23rd (after midnight).  Then I take off at 1:30 am on New Year’s Day.  So I guess I’ll be able to say, “Happy New Year” with the fam and then race over to the airport!

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