A Day Off and A Place to Live

I may not be Jewish but I do appreciate their holidays!  Today is Yom Kippur and Baltimore County Public Schools are not in session.  It’s nice to have a random day off and especially nice that this year it fell on a Monday.  Three day weekends are great.

Friday night, Nik and I along with 3 other people from our church went to the National Aquarium to see the new Australia exhibit.  We were underwhelmed to say the least.  It was cool but very small.  The rest of the aquarium is great though and the shark tanks at the end are really fun!   And, we only had to pay $4/person (instead of $25 normally) to get in.  So that’s a deal!

Saturday night, we went to a Greek festival that Nik and his friends go to every year.  I attempted (relatively poorly) to do a little Greek dancing, and I am happy to say that at least I didn’t fall over!  Opa!

Yesterday was Kristen’s bridal shower at her future mother-in-law’s house.  So I went and played stand-in maid of honor (because her sister couldn’t come).  It was fun to meet Tim’s family and a few of our friends came too.  After that, I went out to dinner with Nik’s mom, brother, and sister-in-law.  Nik’s birthday was last week, Nikki’s is this week, and mine is next.  So this was Nik’s mom’s birthday dinner for us – the Libras.

And that is all the random, relatively boring details that you’re going to get about my life right now.  Except to tell you that I do have a place to live.  I’m moving in with three women from my church, into what is known as the “39th St. House”.  I’m really looking forward to living with them and I’m so thankful that it worked out this way!

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