Random AP comment and Asperger’s syndrome

I don’t have it in me to write a real entry today (although I’ve been
writing it in my head).  So here’s a couple random comments.
I’ll try to give you something real tomorrow.

1.  For those of you out there interested in Asperger’s syndrom and autism, go here
to listen to this interesting article about a group who is actually
working to get people with autism accepted rather than being viewed as
just another problem to be fixed.  You can read a good chunk of it
at the site but I’d recommend listening – there’s an interesting
section with a woman who is mute but “speaks” through her

2.  A thought on attachment parenting in 87 degrees with 71%
humidity:  As I walked to the grocery store tonight to get some
milk, I saw an infant in a stroller next to a couple having dinner
outside at our local Donna’s Cafe.
I thought to myself, “Someone should be holding that baby, not letting
it sit all alone in that stroller!”  And then I thought, “But,
yuck, just think how much more gross and sweaty you’d feel with all
that body heat next to you.”  I think it must be easier to be a
good AP mama in Alaska!  (Or inside in air conditioning!)

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1 Response to Random AP comment and Asperger’s syndrome

  1. schoolofmom says:

    Hi! Saw you on my footprints and hopped on by. I agree–in the hot weather I wish I had a mesh sling but it’s a bit pricey. My dd prefers just sitting on my knee.

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