A busy weekend

I’ve had a quite a weekend!  I just took a two hour nap so I’m feeling a little recovered but I was definitely tired this afternoon!  I had a wonderful time with Uncle Jim and Aunt
Linda.  We just stayed in the house (which is absolutely gorgeous), where they were staying for two weeks and talked.  It’s so nice to see family on my side of the country!

Then I headed back to Baltimore, got home at 2:15 and at 2:45 left to drive to Havre de Grace, MD (about 1 hour away) for my friend Julie’s wedding.  The wedding was beautiful – it was outside at the Steppingstone Museum, a farm museum.   It overlooked the Susquehanna River and the trees there were huge.  We also got to see a little bit of the
museum as we were leaving – old butter churn, wood working tools, etc.  Life was much harder back then!

The reception was at the Spencer-Silver Mansion.  The food was great and the music was by the band, Special Ed and the Short Bus Bluegrass Band.  Julie’s from the mountains of Western North Carolina and we had fun clogging (not that I knew what I was doing) to the great bluegrass music.   They mostly played fairly traditional bluegrass music but they also played a some pretty great quirky music, including one song in which the guitarist played his armpit – no kidding.  It was the most phenomenal armpit playing I’ve ever heard – totally in time with the music, just like another percussion instrument.  Masterful, really!

Kristen and I helped Julie do all the centerpieces and other decorative flowers on Thursday night.  At the end of the evening we just randomly shoved all of the extra Queen Anne’s lace, freesia, eucalyptus, and statice into a random vase to be used to fill in holes,
etc. after the bouquets were transferred to the site.  When we got to the reception, Kristen discovered the vase of extra flowers in a place of honor on the drink table!  Oh well!  I tried to shove a few flowers around and make it look artistic enough to pass for an arrangement.

It was a fun evening but a long day.  And I only have to work until 11:45 on

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