My Kate Spade bag

I am the proud owner of a Kate Spade
bag.  Yes, I know, that’s awfully trendy of me but I did get it at
Vogue Revisited for $12 and it’s beautiful.  I think it will make
me happy to carry my things in, to school every day next year.

I found this picture on E-bay – the “Buy It Now” price for the auction
was $199!!  So either I bought a fake (although my bag fits all the
E-bay claims of authenticity) or the E-bay people are crazy or I just
got a fantastic deal!

At any rate, I love it!!  (And might I point out, Zona, the strips of orange!)

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1 Response to My Kate Spade bag

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    oh my goodness.i want your ’bout a coach???

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