The Trumpet of the Swan

Anybody want a hardcover copy of The Trumpet of the Swan?
I found one at The Book Thing today.  I already have one but I
took it in case somebody else wants one.  It has the original
jacket with it too, although that’s a little beat up.

I took 68 books today.  They’re mostly for my students although I
did find a few for myself – including a big hardcover “Richard
Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever” just like the one we had when we were
kids.  I also found a couple Bobbsey Twins from the 1930s.
That is a fun place!

This CD is really great!  I just got it on Tuesday.  It’s a family playing bluegrass.  Here’s the NPR article
if you want to hear about them and listen to a little bit.  (It’s
how I found out about them.)  And their kids are homeschooled!

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1 Response to The Trumpet of the Swan

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    i love the bobbsey twins! i flew to OK for erics basketball finals, i was the stat girl

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