You are invited to attend:

Laura’s graduation from the TESOL Master’s program at the College of Notre Dame

Friday, May 26, 2006 at 10:00 am

Commencement Speaker:
Bob Schieffer, anchor of the CBS Evening News

I realized that I haven’t even really told anybody that I was attending
graduation so I thought I’d better do it before it happens.  It
feels a bit anti-climatic because I really graduated last August, got
my diploma from the Registrar’s office, and have been teaching for
almost a year.  But I decided that I’ll probably only ever get one
master’s degree so I should at least get to wear a hood once.  So
I’m going.

To be honest, I’m not completely excited about it.  I think I’ll
be going by myself.  It’s at a hard time for anyone else to
come.  So it will probably be a little bit lonely.  I will
have some classmates from last year who will be graduating so I will at
least know some friendly faces once I get there.  Then perhaps, I
will treat myself to lunch!

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1 Response to Graduation

  1. leahrachelle says:

    Well, I wish we could come to your graduation, but since we won’t make it, we’re thankful for the invite anyway! ;o) Jon has also had his Birks forever and talks about resoling them again…I say for the price, it would just be worth it to get another pair! (His look pretty rough too.) I love the photo of your students…it’s fun to see those that you’ve touched this year and who you spend your days with. Do you have a busy Sunday? I was thinking tomorrow afternoon/night may be a good time to chat, if you have the time. I feel like it’s been forever since we caught up! But I hope all is well and we’ll be in touch soon. Love you!

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