Baby Name Wizard

Check out this very cool baby name wizard
that I found.  (It can take a bit to load so be patient.) You can
type in any name and it will tell you what rank it was in US baby names
in any decade.  Adella goes off the charts in the 40s.  Laura on the other hand was 20th in the 70s.  Selah has never ranked at all.  Megan (no Meggan) went from nothing to 89th in the 70s to 14th in the 80s.  Rachel was 16th in the 80s.  Zona was 509th in the 1880s but goes down off the charts by the 1940s.  Priscilla was 218th in the 50s.  Leah was 81st and Katie was 41st in the 80s (Katherine was 32nd).  Lorene was 181st in the 1910s.  Elisabeth (with an S) is 440, with a “Z“,
12th (in the 70s) – good thing we’re with an S!.  I could go on
and on and I apologize if I left off a female member of my family – I
have to be at school in 18 minutes to chaperone the Grade 7 spring
concert and go to covenant group after that so I’d better go. Have fun

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