I really didn’t rest this Sunday.  I was at church for both
services and Sunday School in between (nursery at the 8:15 and I read
Scripture during the 11:00).  Then I rushed home, ate lunch, went
grocery shopping, and headed out at 3:15 to hear an amazing college choir who
I’ve been wanting to hear ever since I moved to Baltimore.  I went
to half of that concert (it was wonderful) and at intermission, went
over for Sacred Harp hymn singing (that’s a whole other blog topic in
itself.)  After singing and potluck, I was home by 7:15.

All good things, one especially necessary (so that I would eat this
busy week), but not rest.  And I have been SO TIRED this
week!  Even though I’m sleeping 8 hours a night, I get up feeling
exhausted.  So this Sunday, I am resting!  I’m going out for
brunch with some grad school teacher friends after church and then I’m
going to do nothing for the rest of the day.  There, I’ve put it
in writing.  Hold me to it!

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