A Cool Outcome from a Good Deed Done More Than A Bit Reluctantly

So this afternoon, a friend called to ask me to do her a “huge favor”.  She had a crisis during the day today and was supposed to be babysitting tonight.   When I talked to her at 5:15, she asked me if I could take her babysitting job at 7:15.  I really didn’t have a good excuse, other than having a ton of work (grading and planning) to do for school and being really tired from being out and about all day and flat out just wanting to stay at home (being the introvert that I am).  So I told her, “Yes, as a last resort, I’ll do the job for you.”  I evidently became the last resort because the mother called me at 5:45 to arrange the babysitting job and I guess I must have made her feel guilty because by the time I got there, she was putting the 13-month old baby to bed.  He was asleep before they left and I didn’t have to do a thing!  So I watched some TV, did some grading, and got paid handsomely for my time!  The best babysitting job I’ve had in a long time!  So the $$ was one nice outcome.

The second (and better) outcome was that the mother is from Anchorage!  She’s the first person I’ve met in Baltimore who grew up in Alaska!  She also went to East!  So, we had a good time chatting about AK and East and how much we miss it.  They’re going up there this summer for her 20th high school reunion and I told them that they could call Rachel if they need babysitting.  And I said that the boy (whose name I can’t even remember) could come over and play with Jonas – I hope that’s OK Meggan!

God certainly can work out great things, even when we’re not very happy about doing the right thing!

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