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Project Organize: Day 2 – The Freezers

Continuing with my organizing theme for the week, today I tackled all three of our freezers. Here’s my before pictures with the freezers (which are really not all that photogenic): And here they are, organized, useful and beautiful (in their … Continue reading

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Ellie discovers chocolate cake and I keep it real

Today, Ellie discovered chocolate cake. She was quite curious about what that brown stuff was on the table so I pushed a few crumbs her way.  Then I moved the cooling rack to the middle of the table so she … Continue reading

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Project Organize: Day 1 Update – The Pantry

The pantry is done, looks beautiful, and is so much more useful! And proof that I even took inventory!  Ellie was quite useful at this point – as I took down each bin, she quite industriously pulled everything out and … Continue reading

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Project Organize: Day 1 – The Pantry

“Organize” is my key verb for the week. Here’s my schedule: Monday: Pantry Tuesday: Freezers: the one in the fridge upstairs along with the upright and the chest freezers in the basement Thursday and Friday: bookshelf and toys Here’s my … Continue reading

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Ellie’s new tricks

1. Walking: well, not exactly.  I may have overstated the case the other day.  She is definitely able to take a few steps but walking is still in the realm of “that silly thing that I do between Mama and … Continue reading

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Why Dread the Inevitable?

One unexpected result of becoming a parent is that I’ve become the surprisingly frequent recipient of negative comments like these: She’s crawling?  Watch out – your life is about to get much harder! Enjoy this time.  It’s the easiest it’s … Continue reading

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January Sewing: Nik’s T-Shirt Quilt – Pinned and Ready to Quilt!

And yes, I realize I put an excessively excessive amount of pins  in that thing (more than double what’s really necessary) but I had some issues with the back being wonky.  Mostly, sewing all those little pieces of knit together … Continue reading

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One Year! Hooray!

A year ago today, Luke, Nik’s nephew was born.  At the time, he looked so tiny compared to Ellie! And now, they’re both so grown up! Happy Birthday Luke!  We love you!

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January Sewing: Nik’s T-Shirt Quilt (still a WIP*)

(The raisins are still working their magic so I thought I’d post one more picture!) My Christmas present to Nik is a T-shirt quilt made from some of his old T-shirts from high school and college.  I’m in the “pinning … Continue reading

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It’s Going to Be One of Those Kinds of Days (and it’s only 9:15)

slightly pacified by being allowed to play with raisins on the couch not any more

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