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Laura is…

very proud of her husband because he is now a board member of their neighborhood community association!  Hip Hip Hooray! (The competition was fierce.  There are only three more spots open on the board. )

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Poetry Thursday

Words By Nikki Grimes, from the book Hopscotch Love: A Family Treasury of Love PoemsSugar Honey Sweetie Pie Shortcake Cupcake Sweet Dumplin’ Chocolate Drop – Seems to me That love Might lead To cavities.

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Very cool picture

Go here to see an incredible picture of the inauguration.  You can zoom in really close and look at individual faces in the crowd.  It’s a composite of over 200 individual pictures. When you zoom in, it will look blurry … Continue reading

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I almost got salmonella

On Monday, I was at school until 6:00 because I had my last formal observation for the year on Tuesday.  (It went fine, by the way.) So I was on my way home, starving (OK fine, really hungry) and also … Continue reading

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